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Welcome to Libertasia the Online Nation State

Libertasia Online Government Protection from all Forms of Tyranny

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Libertasia is an online nation state. Libertasia gets her name from the Roman Goddess of liberty known as Libertas. Note the correct pronunciation begins with the name of the Goddess: Libertas followed by ‘ia’. Libertasia is a country and it is possible to Become a Citizen, but in many ways she is different than all nations you might be familiar with. Unlike other nations Libertasia is limited to strictly follow natural law. The nation state Libertasia cannot engage in any act of force unless justified by some act of aggression. This means, for example, that citizenship, taxation, and any form of participation are all voluntarily entered into. Libertasia represents the next higher level in the evolution of self government.

The purpose of the Nation State of Libertasia is to protect the rights of man from all forms of tyranny. Libertasia protects her citizens from actions or threats from governments, corporations, syndicates, or any person or organization that may threaten any Libertasian citizen. Large companies that engage in dangerous practices that harm the environment or poison the food supply are targets of Libertasian self defense efforts. Libertasia may also protect men from the powers that emerge from excessive accumulation of capital in the hands of very few families or men. These accumulations must be singly large enough to corrupt national political processes. As such they represent an 'environmental threat'. Examples are the threats from international corporate cartels, and banking monopolies.

Libertasia is formed as a voluntary 'compact' by citizens who agree to work together to protect themselves from any form of tyranny over their God given natural rights.

Libertasia is organized in the form of a Wiki so as to encourage collaboration in the creation of the governing structure and in governance. There are many topics involved in self governance: Everything from defense against tyrannical regimes to holding businesses and individuals responsible for acts that forcefully endanger others. This Wiki defines the governing structure. It also records actions and positions of the State of Libertasia. It records committees and committee organization. Actual action committees meet and engage in political action in accordance with the constitution, and principles of the State of Libertasia, and what is agreed upon within the Wiki.

Of course, such a large project needs the volunteer efforts of potentially thousands of individuals willing to work on this or that area of the Wiki or on the governing committees.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.