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Welcome to Libertasia
Libertasia is an online nation state whose purpose is to defend the natural rights of Libertasian citizens. The world is currently ruled by predatory governments and monopolistic corporate syndicates. Force and censorship are both commonly used today against those that have caused no harm. Libertasia brings in a new model of governance. We are decentralized which prevents many of the problems today found in centralized power structures. Our government does not engage in force or censorship against others, except to defend our natural rights from those that would violate them. We are the way forward out of the now corrupt and collapsing, but very dangerous old order. We improve on some elements of constitutional systems by listing our rights in a manner that anticipates those that would violate them and by agreeing to defend those rights more vigorously.

Decentralized Authority
Libertasia is not a centralized government. Power, control, and authority in Libertasia are all decentralized. Decentralization is accomplished with networks of nodes that we call 'Hubs'. All hubs are equal, but may choose to define themselves according to differing interests or functions. Our currency is denominated in units of Leibertas (LBTS) and is run in a decentralized manner by the Waves network. One advantage of decentralization is that there is no central authority for predatory states to attack. This is similar to how bitcoin operates. If any hub were to be attacked or threatened it would only lead to publicity and a more rapid expansion in hubs. Furthermore, the technology now exists to write our constitution onto the blockchain, and even load it to space satellites. It sounds far out, but this has already been done with bitcoin. Our decentralized structure and constitution will be available to computers even if the internet does not work. From the beginning Libertasia will attempt to decentralize all systems so as to robustly protect against those that oppose freedom. Of course, self defense is not the only advantage of decentralization, we are also less prone to the corruptions that consume centralized systems. Our system is open to review, in fact it can easily be copied and replicated by anyone (Thats called making a Hub), and it is not based around predatory force.

Since 2004
Libertasia has been around for some time. The first writings mentioning an online nation-state go all the way back to 2004. Since then there have been a few advancements. Most notably, using cryptocurrencies as an example, we have employed decentralization as our model, and we now have a decentralized currency of our own. Coins, however, are incomplete creations without governance. Libertasia completes the picture by adding the most needed element of decentral governance. That governance must be dapp just as the coins are. Now with this advancement the model is almost complete. Next, instead of wasted mining like bitcoin we have economic development as a way of earning coins. This simple picture is not yet understood, but it will take the world by fire. What is left is trivial: getting around censorship, but that's like finding where to light a box of hay. It has been documented that Google chooses who sees what results. Once we get around the censorship systems our model will quickly begin to gain traction. That said we are not about numbers. The days of the corrupt old orders controlled by super elites that manipulate the populations with simple ideas that they want to embrace, but have nothing to do with the outcome, are over. Well, maybe partially over and then exponentially decreasing. The world may indeed develop into two orders: Those who are dependent on their super elite abusors, and those that have escaped.

Libertasia Hubs
Hubs are member states of Libertasia. All hubs are in theory equal. This is similar to how cryptocurrencies work where anyone can run a node or mine for coins. The Hubs do not have to agree on every issue, but all administrators and citizens of the various member states must swear to uphold the Libertasian constitution and to defend the natural rights of all Libertasian citizens. Just as bitcoin can have any number of nodes Libertasia can have any number of member states. States may be formed based on geographical considerations, interests of members, and even special political ideologies. This diverse confederation is unified by allegiance to the Libertasian constitution and in particular the natural rights it guarantees for Libertasian citizens. In this manner we create a decentralized society and form of governance that unites all Libertasians.

Libertas God Protecting Libertasia

Roman Goddess Libertas
Libertas is the Roman goddess and personification of liberty. She protects our state and assists us in our struggle for freedom.

Libertasia is pronounced in the same way you would pronounce 'Ecotopia' and not like 'Libertas Asia'. Many mythological nations end with the letters 'ia'. The only difference is Libertasia is not mythological and, by virtue of the nature of natural rights always exists, whether humans choose to inhabit her or not. The Goddess Libertas provides us with Libertasia. Libertasia is discovered, and not created, just as we attempt to describe natural rights we do not invent them.

Leibertas (LBTS) Currency Our virtual currency called Leibertas (LBTS) is available on the Waves exchange. The ancient mode of spelling for Libertas was with EI for the single letter I. There are 100,000,000 units of Leibertas with 8 decimal places. The currency is not printable but fixed in supply.

How to Obtain Leibertas (LBTS)
*You can trade our currency on the Waves DEX Exchange. Instructions are Here.
*You can complete a bounty to obtain Leibertas.
*You can find your own work do work such as, for example, writing articles. When your work is completed you will need to submit a proposal. Voting is used to determine any renumeration. Instructions are Here.
*Our coins can be earned by running a Hub.

Zero Cookies
Welcome to safety our site has zero cookies and does not track you. We will have a business directory of sites that do not track along with shops that accept cryptocurrency payments. If you want to get listed just send an email. Please make sure your site has zero cookies. Good luck with that. Placing cookies on someones device is a violation of their property rights. Such violations can be prosecuted under Libertasian law. There are many legal ways to start dealing with these kinds of crimes.

Protect Privacy
Protecting your own privacy is the best way to protect everyone's. I guess that's how Libertasia works in general: We protect our rights, and this helps to protect everyone's rights. You might consider avoiding any Google services. Google is a vast information gathering, information control, and censorship machine. To start use: Tor Browser, or (Brave, Epic, Opera, or Firefox) Try to find an encrypted mail such as Protonmail. Epic with adblock installed shows how many cookies are blocked. It's nice to have a few browsers available. We will try to post articles on this, but it's easily researched online. For many people taking privacy steps is much about time and convenience. Tor is a really easy and very effective first step! Libertasia does things like making sure sites work with TOR or finding alternatives for Libertasians.

Run a Hub
If you run a hub you will be eligible for distributions of our Leibertas (LBTS) denominated virtual currency based on your hubs performance. We use a voting system and equations that determine earnings. There are no charges or fees assessed to start your hub.

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This article was vindicated by events at CNN where their viewers trashed the CNN building.

We said this April 4 2020:
"The beast will gradually continue to consume itself until it destroys its own central control systems."
We had in mind a bit higher up than the CNN Thugs. Nonetheless vindicated.

— Libertasia (@SenecaThomas) May 30, 2020

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