Running a Hub
Running a hub means hosting a page similar to this one on the internet. You will need to load articles and news on your site along with producing unique content. Hubs can tailor their pages according to geographical differences and their users interests. Other than following the constitution there are no strict requirements. That said: Libertasia IS an exclusive society. If we were not we would quickly decline into the state of other failed systems. Our exclusivity depends on understanding the principles of Libertasian governance and following our constitution. Earning mining rewards will depend on your Alexa rank and your measurable productive efforts as voted on by other hubs.

Your Hub should promote the principles of Libertasian Governance
We are not just about promoting coins. Our hubs have to be genuinely committed to the natural rights principles behind our constitution. If they are not the enforcement mechanism is simple: You won't earn economic rewards. You will have less voting power. We do want to see our coin become successful, but absolute numbers is not the goal. Absolute number political systems are doomed.

Hubs Should Interlink and Work Together
Hubs should find neighboring hubs that they work closely with. Hubs working closely together should obviously interlink as in make links to each others sites. Hubs should link to each other based on geographical or interest considerations.

Hubs Can Mine Libertasian Currency
Periodically mining rewards will be distributed to hubs. The rewards will be based in part on hub voting that evaluates your hubs productive efforts towards the State of Libertasia. This will be called the 'product of your hub'. The product of your hub includes contributions to Libertasia such as articles, designs and so forth. We will also factor your Alexa rank or use our own ranking system. Finally, we will measure how much your Hub transacts in our currency (T). This will be based on objective measures and not spam transactions.

Your hub score will then be calculated as follows:

Hub Score = (Product of Your Hub) + (Alexa Rank Your Hub) + (T)

Where 'T' is the transactions measure for your hub.

Submitting Proposals
The 'product of your hub' will be calculated by the proposals that you submit. You will do work and submit a proposal with your expected funding. The hubs will vote to fund your proposal or not.

All the mining rewards will be divided between the hubs to each in accordance with their score. The Calculation is as follows:

Hub Block Reward

When our currency is complete hubs may mine coins direcly but this involves some technical achievments. Mining directly simply means that the mining reward is distributed automatically during the mining process. In this case voting will still occur, but in advance of the block rewards. Once hubs are mining directly they may be interconnected according to a geometrical framework.

Libertasia Hub Nodes

Hyperbolic Dodecahedral Honeycomb

Transition to Decentralization
When our currency updates we will burn some coins and then put in an equal amount of inflation. In this manner the rewards system becomes totally decentralized. Inflation will not be unlimited but based on a maximum number of total coins. Blocks will emit rewards and they will be distributed according to our economic incentives system. We will not limit ourselves to any particular 'coin technology' but always advance using the most simple, robust, secure, private, scalable, and fungible systems available. Changes should be based on stable existing technologies. We should always gaurd closely against attacks on security, privacy, scalability, and fungibility.

Here are the new Hub Banners and Icons produced by our bounty at Cent
If you are running a hub or making an advertising link these may be resized and placed on your page. Your page should be approved to be a hub before using these images.

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