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Article: Final Days: Strategic Limitations on Dealing with the Cabal

Introductory Notes
Libertasian foreign policy is often concerned with strategy on dealing with the Cabal. In this article we take a final days perspective. The lockdowns occurring now are a small scale precursor to what could happen in a final days scenario.

The Cabal
The current world leadership cabal is a quasi governmental, corporate syndicate, Illuminati, Luciferian system that is in place because the left, a large component of modern societies loves central governments. The common members of the left are not necessarily Luciferian, or criminal thugs, it’s just that that’s who they end up being controlled by. The reason is their endless faith in the state to solve all their problems and their willingness to attack their opponents at all costs. This means any attack on their opponents is enough to justify any other action. For example, calling one opponent racist is enough to justify censorship of the ENTIRE INTERNET under the guise of hate speech. So the modern left is willing to sacrifice any value to the cabal so long as the cabal opposes their enemies. This is the sort of stuff Lucifer thrives on. In fact this is exactly how Lucifer works and always has worked. Mind you elitists who think your too smart to consider that Lucifer plays a role in the world. Lucifer is easily generalized to chaos theories and there he resides.

The Cabal has spent their time harvesting humanity for the final kill. It's hard to say if this was their plan from the beginning or just how their game theory always ends. The lockdowns have now begun and are wildly successful. The Cabal can now lock down the entire planet over a virus that kills less than any of: Diarrhea, Diabetes, Pneumonia, Heart Attack, Traffic or the Flu. Locked down nations have nine times the death rates as ones that are not locked and the data is similar when looking at locked down US states versus those that are not locked down. The Philippines just extended their lockdown for 2 weeks after 8 fatalities supposedly from coronavirus for two days in a row. Normally the Philippines has about 30 traffic fatalities a day. But the Filipinos support the lockdowns and are very afraid of contracting COVID-19. The rest of the world is not much different in their irrationality. All it takes is showing one Covid patient on TV and any opposition after that is like not caring about that patient. It is a psychological method that works very well on human populations. Soon they will release viruses that kill more than the flu and the planet can be locked down indefinitely. The Cabal has prepared the people for this and 99% are willing to go along. Any resistance is insignificant. The world is now easily within the death grips of the Cabal. It’s amazing how all this fits precisely the lines of many streams of conspiracy theory thought, but many may not have realized the methodology that would be used and have not yet even realized that we have arrived at the predicted lockdowns.

The lockdowns will likely escalate in magnitude and each lockdown will be accompanied by greater controls. In this most recent episode we have seen nearly the entire planet locked down, reduced store hours creating crowds and lines, requiring ID to purchase foods, drones that spray 'disinfectants', and other abuses. The key that is relevant to this article is that the populations of the planet in large measure totally support these controls and resistance has been nearly infinitesimal. It doesn't matter how irrational or preposterous the story humans are told they will believe it if they are shown just one COVID-19 victim. No matter if that victim had severe pneumonia, suffered a heart attack, and was 75 years old. Actually the average covid related fatality is 80.5 years old. Please see our other articles for more data on covid. Suffice it to say the flu kills roughly 500,000 annually. COVID-19 may achieve roughly the same, but that is based on counting multiple illnesses as covid cases. This does not mean that the Cabal won't release a more virulent strain next time around. In fact it appears that they had intended to do so this time.

The Purpose of Libertasia is to Defend the Natural Rights of Libertasians
Sometimes helping others strengthens us and keeps us busy doing good tasks. It is a way to bring in good citizens and to make ourselves stronger by doing good always. Although Libertasia always works for the benefit of the world and all its inhabitants we must always remember that the purpose of our government is to protect Libertasians. Humanitarian and charitable activities should occur but these are not the core function of Libertasian governance. It is the natural rights of Libertasians that we primarily defend. In general our approach should always be to secure natural rights for everyone, but if this fails, or is not strategic, or realistic, we should then work on securing natural rights for Libertasians. We must be consistent in demanding that Libertasians are afforded natural rights and in defending our own citizens.

Civil Wars are Planned by the Cabal
The Cabal is planning to produce bloody civil wars as a means of dividing and destroying the population. Libertasians must steer clear of these confrontations. The cabal works by controlling populations and has always used wars as one method. We should be aware that this is the strategic 'strong suit' of the Cabal, and we should stay clear of confrontations with controlled populations. These populations will not resist the Cabal and they will violently oppose anyone that tries to save them. As a specific example, imagine locals are starving from lockdowns. We do not fight with those same locals so as to end their lockdowns. We do try to use any method at our disposal to end or reduce the lockdowns for Libertasians. The civil wars that the Cabal secretly instigates have planned ends that the Cabal controls. Additionally, engaging in these wars puts the leadership at risk of being controlled by impostors, and in that case the state itself might be made to produce what are called false flag attacks. We definitely want to stay away from these scenarios. So in all these cases directly fighting with controlled populations to save them is beyond pointless, and definitely not strategic. If we understand more about the end game it becomes even more clear.

The End Game
In the later days of the conflict the cabal will have consumed its resources and will then cull the populations of the planet. We must understand the nature of the Cabal. It is like a beast. It does not care about good or bad only its interests. It really did not care if Libertasians survive. The meaning here is that the Cabal won't worry about killing that which is not its meal. We will be subject to the control systems, but if we can escape the beast will simply consume what is the beasts to consume. As the beast consumes the worlds populations it will be consuming in essence itself. It’s like a snake eating itself starting at the tail and working its way to the head. The beast will gradually continue to consume itself until it destroys its own central control systems. In the very final days the coalitions that make up the head of the beast will fight with each other and destroy each other. At this point Libertasians will actually have a chance. It is really a small chance, but it is a chance. By then either the entire planet is totally destroyed or Libertasians will have escaped. These are the days we must plan for by advance.

How the Strategic Advantage Shifts Our Way in the End Times
Several conditions come into play during the end times that will give the strategic advantage to Libertasia. Firstly, we will know what the beast is doing, and unlike the worlds populations we do not consent to it. It will be totally out in the open and public knowledge. This compares to the world populations that are totally willing to be consumed by the beast. For example, lets consider that lockdowns continue to increase in number and with each lockdown measures become more severe. Already toxins are being sprayed from drones. With each successive lockdown events will become more and more unimaginably incredible. This is because everything the beast does is based around gradual conditioning and gaining of consent of the populations. The populations consent and participate in the lockdowns and will even spray themselves with debilitating and finally fatal poisons. Because Libertasians are aware of what is going on and because we do not accept it we have a strategic advantage.

Secondly, as outlined above, Libertasians will not get caught up in nor waste resources in bloody civil wars. It is the beasts plan to eliminate all foes by producing these wars. The beast is completely skilled at manipulating wars and will use civil wars to eliminate it's adversaries. Instead we will stand clear and we will not get between the beast and its meal. If we did it would concern the beast and lead to scrutiny. We will steer clear of civil wars and scrutiny.

Thirdly, we will always remind the beast that we are different, we do not consent to being its meal. We always resist, and messing with us will always lead to problems for the beast. The beast must be conditioned to leave us alone and even to respect our natural rights. This is what may be called a battlefield condition, and what some might consider a deal with the beast, but it is not a deal it is a strategy.

Finally, as the beast consumes itself it will begin to weaken especially during the final stages of infighting that will occur within the beast. This is when our resources and organizational levels will begin to rival that of the beast. In fact members of the inner circles of the beast will try to flee to Libertasia. There must be no deals made or refuge offered.

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