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How to Purchase Leibertas (LBTS)

Purchasing Leibertas (LBTS) is Easy.
1. Navigate to the Waves Exchange download page: Desktop Here.
Get it on Google Play
Get it on App Store
2. Download the exchange and fund your account. You can do this in various ways including sending in cryptocurrency. Help on using their exchange can be found Here.
3. Next using their exchange convert some of your crypto to Waves. Waves is the native token on their exchange.
4. In Trading use the search field to find LBTS/Waves.
5. Place your buy order. If you have any questions contact
Welcome to the power of decentralized exchanges! Don't forget there are many ways to earn LBTS without paying.

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How Can I Earn Leibertas (LBTS)?
If you want to do work to earn LBTS you should check out our Bounties Pages. You are also free to come up with your own ideas about what might incentivize our economy. Anything that drives the adoption of our coin might find success. Talk to others and make sure it is a good idea. If they think so you may proceed, but remember it is always up to the Hubs to determine if you will be rewarded or not. After you are done you would submit a proposal.

How to Submit a Proposal
If you have a task in mind it is suggested that you talk about your ideas with others just to make sure you have some chance of receiving your rewards. That way you won't be wasting your time. Next, you should complete, and then document what you have done. Going forward this should occur on a monthly basis, but for now weekly is okay. Finally, decide how much you want to be paid. Put all that in your proposal and submit it to support on Telegram or to our support email. When voting takes place the various hubs will vote to determine if you should recieve the rewards or not.

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